• Kinlochlaich House Garden Plant Centre

    The old walled garden, built circa 1790 by John Campbell, sits hidden against the highland landscape.  Like many gardens in the Highlands,  the mild climate of the Gulf Stream allows many different plants to thrive. We have developed the Garden Plant Centre within the ornamental gardens here since 1975,  to become one Read more [...]

  • Glenarn

    Glenarn is a private garden largely created and originaly made famous for its collection of species rhododendrons by the Gibson family. Established in the 1920s and 30s,the garden lies in a protected hollow with a steeply sloping glen running its length and providing shelter for large leafed and tender rhododendrons. Read more [...]

  • Crarae Gardens (NTS)

    The gardens in Argyll which have been described as “Scotland’s Himalayas” were gifted to the Trust in 2002 by the Crarae Garden Charitable Trust, following a successful £1.5 million appeal. Crarae has one of the most extensive fern populations in the UK, ranging from huge golden scaled male ferns, to Read more [...]

  • Cawdor Castle

    The oldest garden north east of the castle was enclosed with walls and bastions in 1620, and was cultivated in the old-fashioned manner where soft fruits, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees were mingled closely together.  Today this garden has been remodelled with a holly maze, a paradise garden, knot garden Read more [...]

  • Bolfracks

    Walled garden with borders of trees and perennials. Burn garden with rhododendrons, azaleas, primulas and meconopsis. Good autumn colours. There has been an ornamental garden here since the mid 18th century. Most of what can be seen today originates from 1970’s and is the work of the late Mr J Read more [...]

  • Armadale Castle

    The 40 acres of exotic trees, shrubs and flowers which make Armadale Castle Gardens, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, are remarkable for their beauty and for their very existence. The warm, generally frost-free, climate of the west coast of Scotland – a result of the Gulf Stream allow the Read more [...]

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